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Passage 1

In this week‘s edition of special series on bizarre medical conditions。 There’s a report of the case of Michelle Myers。 Myers is an American woman who woke up one day speaking with a British accent, even though she‘s lived in the united states all her life in two thousand fifteen, Myers went to bed with[9] a terrible headache。 She woke up sounding like someone from England。 Her British accent has remained for the past two years previously, [9]Meyers had woken up speaking in Irish and Australian accents。

However, on both of those occasions, the accents lasted for only a week。 Myers has been diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome。 [10]It‘s a disorder in which a person experiences a setting change to their speech so that they sound like they are speaking in a foreign accent。 The condition is most often [10]caused by a stroke or traumatic brain injury。 Although people with the syndrome have intelligible speech, their manner of speaking is altered in terms of timing and tongue placement, which may distort their pronunciation。 The result is that they may sound foreign when speaking their native language。

It‘s not clear whether Myers has experienced a stroke or other brain damage, but she als叽叽歪歪吧o has a separate medical condition which can result and loose joints easily bruised skin and other problems。 Foreign accent syndrome is rare, with only about sixty cases reported within the past century。 [11]However, a different American woman reportedly spoke with the Russian accent in two thousand ten after she fell down the stairs and hit her head。

Question 9。 What happened to Michelle Myers One day?

解析:根据故事线索定位答案,Michelle Myers一天晚上头疼,醒来后发现自己说澳大利亚口音和爱尔兰口音的英语。

Question 10。 What does the passage say about foreign accent syndrome?


Question 11。 What accent did another American woman speak with after a head injury?


Passage 2

There is something about water that makes it a good metaphor for life。 That may be one reason why so many people fi叽叽歪歪吧nd relief in swimming when life seized get rough。 And [12]it goes some way towards explaining why books about swimming, in which people tackle icy legs, race and rivers, and overcome oceans while reflecting on their lives have recently become so popular。

These books reflect a trend particularly strong in Britain, where swimming in pools is declining, but more and more folks are opting for open water。 While swimming seems to be especially popular among women。 [13]Jenny landreth recently published a guide to the best swimming spots in London。 Her new book swell into weaves her own story with a history of female pioneers who accomplished remarkable feats paved the way for future generations。 [14]Notions of modesty restricted women in the Victorian era, but they still swam。 A bathing machine was rolled down to the sea shore, so women would not be seen in swim wear in 1892,[14] the gentle woman‘s book of sport described a woman swimming in a heavy dress, boots, hat, gloves and carrying an umbrella。

Eventually swimming became freer。 Mixed bathing was permitted on British beaches。 In 1901, women won the right to swim in public pools, learn to swim properly, created appropriate swimwear, and in time even competed against men。 [15]The first woman to cross the English channel was Gertrude Elderly。 In 1926, she beat the record by almost two hours and her father rewarded her with a red sports car。

Question 12。 What has become so popular recently?


Question 13。 What did Jenny Landreth do recently?

解析:根据人名和best定位答案位置,Jenny Landreth最近出版了一本书,关于指导人们发现最好的游泳地点。

Question 14。 What do we learn about women in the Victorian era?


Question 15。 What does the passage say about Gertrude?


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