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After two failed job hunting, a bowl of hot noodles magically stimulated Wang Lin's entrepreneurial passion when he was disheartened. A small shop opened near the school. Who would have thought of an inconspicuous shop? In less than a year, Wang Lin is now a noodle restaurant owner with a monthly turnover of 20,000.

"In fact, I didn't think the business would be so good at first, and I would get my money back so quickly. Small business, slow to return to this, I am also prepared psychologically. Unexpectedly, all the money invested will be recovered after opening the shop for three months. "Wang Lin said that he has also learned a lot of experience from opening the shop. After a while, he is ready to look for a facade to open the second long-standing noodle restaurant, this time it is ready to open in the bustling commercial street.

In fact, the idea of opening this noodle restaurant was very accidental. Wang Lin recalled the situation of opening a shop, saying that when he didn't find a satisfactory job, he had the idea of starting his own business, but he never found a suitable project. That day, he went to the city to find a job. At noon, he ate in a noodle restaurant which had been braised for a long time. The taste of the noodle was very good. I thought about talking with the shopkeeper. This chat reveals an impulse to start a business.

Since then, Wang Lin has done his homework in order to understand the prefect for a long time. It is known that 2-3-year-old veal and natural high-gluten flour are selected as raw materials for the beautiful palace banquet held by the governor for a long time, which is a delicious pasta with balanced clearing and rich nutrition. This is not always in line with Wang Lin's mind of starting a business, but also makes Wang Lin's heart beat by the long-time service of the prefect. The business district evaluation, shop location selection, store design and business promotion are all carried out with the help of the instructor. Not only save worry and effort, but also provide more security for opening a shop.

With the help of the instructor, the shop was finally set near the university, and there were some residential quarters around it. This will not only attract college students, but also get the favor of nearby residents. Since the opening of the store, there have been no customers in his store, especially at the dining point. Both of them are too busy, and the operating situation of the small store is also rising. Wang Lin is good at management, and noodles have authentic taste and low price. The business is very hot, with a turnover of 20,000 yuan in the first month of opening.

"I believe my noodle restaurant will be better because it is excellent enough." Wang Lin said. Wang Lin, who has dreams, is running hard ahead. Maybe Wang Lin is not very successful, but his examples always tell us that when opportunities come, we must seize them.

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